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Reiki Attunements

Reiki One Attunement

The Reiki One Attuement is what makes REIKI different from other healings . The attunement is what creates the REIKI healer. The ability to attune to the REIKI frequency is passed from Master to student and may be done as a spiritual ritual or done without ceremony

The attunement opens the Crown, the Health and Palm Chakras Students experience a range of different things, some percive colours and some are filled with love ,light,serenity and wonder .The sensations are perceptible yet always gentle.

The attunement opens a channel from the REIK or "universal Godhead" giving the REIKI students the exact amount of REIKI energy that suits there needs and requirements and this explains why there are so many differnt reactions to the REIKI attunements.Although the REIKI attunement is performed by the REIKI Master the REIKI guides and spitit helpers are in full attendence wich explains the differnt reactions to the REIKI attunements that the REIKI students experience.

Traditional Usui Shiko Ryoho Reiki First Degree attunement is a four part process. The first three parts open the REIKI healing channels and the fourth part seals and locks the REIKI energies so once attuned for REIKI the REIKI energy stays with the student for life, even if the student doesnt use the REIKI energy for some time the ability to call upon the REIKI energy remains with the student.

It is quite normal for the REIKI student to go through a release of emotional energy for up to three or four weeks after the REIKI attunemt, this is becuase the student is experiencing more KI energy than the students aura has experienced before and the aura and chakras are clearing themselfs and adjusting to enable the new REIKI healer to channel the REIKI Healing energy

After reciveing the REIKI attunement it is important that the recpitent gives as many REIKI healings as possible for the first month or so including a daily self-healing as this continues the REIKI refinements that the REIKI attunement has started.

REIKI One attunements consist of learning basic REIKI hand positions and the history of REIKI in the morning then the REIKI attunements in  the afternoon.

Attunements by apointment only

The cost is £100 waged and £50 unwaged £25 pensioners

Reiki One attunements

23-11-05 Mark Oliver

07-05-12 Dave Reynolds

09-08-12 Derri Castle Griffiths

08-11-12 Ellen Bach

Reiki Two Attunements

Reiki two attunemts consists of having the REIKI symbols that were installed in the Reiki One Attunements re-activated so the REIKI two recipient aswell as being able to do hands on REIKI healing can also send REIKI Distance Healing to any living beings anywhere in the world. Reiki distance healing may also be sent to past and future situations, REIKI distance healing is sent using the Reiki distance symbol which is called Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.

Once attuned for Reiki two the recipitent can do REIKI hands on treatments or send REIKI distance healing for physical, emotional/mental and spiritual problems.

During the Reiki Two Attunements you will learn how to use the power symbol Cho-ku-rei the emotional symbol Sei hi ki and the REIKI distance healing symbol Hon sha ze sho nen and you will be shown how to send Reiki Distance Healing.

The cost for a Reiki Two Attunement is £20Owaged, £100 unwaged £50 pensioners

Reiki Two attunements

23-10-06 Emily Evans

Reiki Three Attunements

The Reiki Three Attunement is the REIKI Masters Attunement; once attuned for REIKI Three the recipient will be able to do very advanced REIKI and attune people for all levels of REIKI.

The cost for Reiki Three is £30O WAGED , £150 UNWAGED , £ 75PENSIONERS


Natural Reiki Healing

I prefer to do Reiki attunements in my Healing Room in Selston although i am prepared to attune clients for Reiki in there own homes. providing this is arranged beforehand ,although the cost of off-peak travel will be added to the Reiki attunment fee and must be payed in advance .

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