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Reiki Treatments

Once attuned for Reiki the Reiki healer only has to place his or her hands on the person being treated with the intention to heal and the Reiki healing energy will flow automaticly.

One of the main fundamental differences between REIKI and other healings is that Reiki has a consciousness of its own and knows where to go and how much Reiki energy is needed therefore the Reiki Healer may not always know what needs healing but the Reiki energy has its own intelligence far beyond human understanding and will go exactly where the Reiki healing energy is needed. It is important to remember that the Reiki healer is a direct channel for the Reiki energy and not the source of the Reiki healing and this is why giving Reiki healing doesn't drain the giver. The REIKI energy heals on all the body's levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The REIKI hand postitions

A REIKI treatment normally takes about an hour; during the REIKI Treatment, the REIKI energy will communicate with the higher self of the REIKI recipient and then direct itself to the areas that need healing

You can not make a mistake with REIKI, you can never give to much or to little REIKI nor will the REIKI energy ever do any harm

The cost for a REIKI Treatment is £30 waged £15unwaged £10pensioners

Apointments not always nessacary

Reiki Tasters

Reiki Tasters consist of the basic Usui Shiko Ryoho REIKI hand postitions.

The cost is £30 wage £15 unwaged £10SS pensioners

There is no charge for REIKI Distance Healing

Attitude Of Grattitude

Please rembeber that its very important to say your Attitude Of Grattitude before you start a REIKI treatment and when you finish the REIKI treatments as this opens and closes the REIKI Channels

Natural Reiki Healing

I Prefer to do REIKI Treatments in my Healing room in Selston however i am prepared to travel to do REIKI treatments providing this is arranged in advance , although the cost of off-peak travel will be included with the fee for the REIKI treatment and this must be payed in advance

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